LGBT Month: POC Edition Day Ten

Name: Phil Jimenez

Distinction: A famous comic book artist who has worked on a number of big name properties

Brief History: Hailing from Southern California, Jimenez moved to NYC where he went to school and got his first job from editor Neal Pozner at age 21.  Pozner was not only his editor, but eventually became Jimenez’s partner.  In a moving story, Jimenez dedicated a miniseries to Pozner where he admitted to being gay.  Letters poured in showing him support.   Jimenez has been an artist on books such as Wonder Woman, New X-Men, Infinite Crisis and the visionary The Invisibles.

Importance: When an LGBT person chooses to live their life openly, they give courage to others to do the same.  They make others realize that they are not alone and that they are not unique.  That their struggles are shared by someone else.  Even in today’s spotlight of these issues, that nugget of truth is still important.


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