LGBT Month: POC Edition Day Eight

Name: Guillermo Diaz

Distinction: An openly gay actor playing in one of TV’s hottest shows.

Brief History: Born to Cuban parents, Guillermo grew up in a rough part of New York.  He says this rough upbringing along with his always trying to hide the fact he was gay contributed a lot to his acting.  The show most of us probably know him for at this point is Scandal, where he plays the ride or die Huck.   But he has acted in a number of other places including the popular show Weeds and an early David Chapelle piece, Half-Baked.

Importance: In my mind, he’s a part of the diversity movement we see happening throughout media right now.  Huck is able to be Huck without his race having to be a central part of his character and yet we all known Huck is Latino.  I’ve seen so many amateur creators say “well their race doesn’t matter if it’s not part of the plot”.  Absolutely wrong.  Representation matters on every level and seeing this actor playing in a role that doesn’t stereotype him as a drug dealer or cartel enforcer is absolutely important.


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