Book Bars: The Seedbearing Prince (Part Two)

Chapter Three- Chapter Nine

So in these chapters we get a better idea of how Wia Wells and Shard as a world operates.  If anything, the planet reminds me a bit of The Shire from Lord of The Rings.  You have these simple farm folk suddenly beset by these larger than life forces and one special one amongst them must confront it.   DaVaun is definitely drawing inspiration from the classical model of The Hero’s Journey.  I think that is why the story resonates from the beginning because it has some of those familiar, bedrock elements to it.

Dayn definitely becomes a more sophisticated character over the stretch of these chapters.  He’s a non-conformist and it almost seems to be the nature of heroes that requires non-conformity.  Dayn isn’t above challenging his friends and loved ones when he sees something is wrong.  But I think authors can have a tendency to romanticize non-conformity and make it into this whimsical thing we should have all strive to be.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m down with bucking the system, but there are consequences for it.   DaVaun takes the time to show those consequences and emotionally they are brutal for the character of Dayn.

When he finally does leave his world, you can tell he’s been battered and bruised for his choices.  Now I’ll be honest here and say that I found myself a bit edgy to get off world.  I think the book may have lingered a bit too long on Shard if only because I think the prologue sets up a space adventure and that’s what you kind of expect early on.  So when we finally get to the Ring I’m in a good reading space because I feel like things are really going to get into gear.  Everything else before this just seems like a prelude.

So I’m ready to see how things progress for Dayn and what kind of worldbuilding we’re going to get from DaVaun.  So far he’s done a great job because Shard feels truly fleshed out so I imagine he’s going to get to spread his wings a bit here in these upcoming chapters.


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