Book Bars: The Fifth Season (Part Three)

Chapter Eight- The End

So I got a little hype with the book and had some free time on my hands so I carried my reading all the way through to the end.   I felt like as I was reading this story, I had certain suspicions about the timelines of the different narratives and they ended up being true.  I won’t spoil anything, but you will end up being satisfied once it call connects

For me, I think that is Jemisin’s greatest strength.  She knows how to pull all the different plot threads together and kick you in the teeth at the end.  You walk away from the book feeling satisfied with how everything comes together and she leaves you with quite an interesting prelude to the next book.  Though I’m starting to think she has a thing with moons, which is perfectly cool with me.   All us writers have those themes and imagery we gravitate to.

I wish we would have gotten a little more action in this novel.  There were parts that I felt things dragged and I waited for something to come along to really pick up the pace.  Part of me thinks that may be in part to Jemisin wanting to harp on the depression and the sickness of the world she took us through.  This place isn’t at all somewhere I’d ever want to go.   Constant earthquakes, an oppressed minority that has horrible things done to them and they’re filled with this looming self-hate.  Yea it’s just too much to take in at times in the amount of bad things happening here.  There really are no happy endings here.

It could just be the focus was taken away from the potential bits of action because the emotional weight of the story already put such a heavy loaded on the reader.  Even as I write this, some of that depression from the story lingers.  I’m playing music to kind of lift the dark cloud that story left around my essence.  Don’t get me wrong because these darker moments are necessary but this novel rubs it into your skin like dirt you can’t get rid of without a couple of showers.  So just be prepared for it.

Will I get the next book?  Yea and I’ll tell you why.  Given how bleak things are at the end of the book, I’m honestly not sure where Jemisin can go with the story now.  The world is pretty much gone for by the end of the book so I’m interested to see how she decides to up the ante.


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