Book Bars: The Fifth Season (Part Two)

Chapter Five- Seven

At this point I think we’re going to be sticking with just the viewpoints of the ladies.  Which, I have absolutely no problem with.  I mean how many freaking books are there were all the main characters are male?  So yea, not an issue at all with the reader getting all women.  And these are varied characters regardless of their gender.  In fact, I give Jemisin praise for how she chose which characters would serve as our POV here.  The variety of them is really going to allow her to explore her world.  I’m curious to see if their various threads even come together in one place or not.

There’s a part in Chapter Six that is going to piss just about anyone off and it shows the depths of discrimination the orogenes face.  Damaya, the little girl who I hoped was being saved from a terrible life, is probably in a much worse situation now.  She’s in the care of someone who I’m going to equate to a police officer here and he’s breaks the damn girl’s hand to prove a point about who’s in control.  It made me immediately think of all the terrible things done to black children during the eras of slavery and Jim Crow.  I think Jemisin wanted me to feel that horror and not casually walk by that scene.  I swear it stuck with me for days after reading it.

So on the flipside, we have the broken mother Essun finding herself in the company of a lost child that doesn’t seem to fit any known physical norms and can sense orogenes like a tracker.  The kid is definitely a mystery and a perfectly fitting one for the situation of Essun.  And damn it if Jemisin isn’t keeping this second person POV going strong.  I am so jealous of the talent she’s exhibiting here.


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