RRAP: Black Hero Spotlight (Jackie of FLOOR 21)

Book: FLOOR 21 by Jason Luthor

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Science Fiction with Horror Elements

Character Name: Jackie

Bio: Jackie is a 17 year old girl living at the top of an apartment tower alongside the last remnant of humanity. Nobody knows how they got there or why, only that they aren’t allowed to travel too far down the tower. These rules are enforced by Tower Authority, who run civilization from the top floor. Jackie, daughter of two scientists, has a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Although she has no powers, Jackie has two character traits that make her able to deal with the oddity that is living in this tower.
First, her natural intellect, a reflection of her parents and their emphasis on education in her childhood, has made her unrelentingly inquisitive. She questions everything and seeks the truth about why they live in the tower when everyone else seems content accepting life there. She is able to piece different parts of the puzzle together and has broad knowledge with computers and biology.

Second, her teenage years, in which her parents became distant for reasons that are later brought to light in the story, gave her the ability to brush off serious circumstances and react nonchalantly to adverse circumstances. This almost uncaring emotional response is actually a help inside the tower. Since there is an ongoing infestation, the Creep, that reacts to negative emotions such as sadness, fear and panic, Jackie’s ability to brush off these kinds of emotions might make her socially maladjusted but make her perfect for exploring the tower.

While Jackie does get waist deep in the terrible circumstances surrounding the tower, she’s still a seventeen year old girl that is trying to find out what will make her happy in life. She is capable of extraordinary things, but at the same time wants to have back the old family she remembers from when she was younger.

Where to find Jackie: http://www.amazon.com/FLOOR-21-Jason-Luthor-ebook/dp/B00UNLBJNI


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