AAPI Month Profiles: Day Eleven

Andrea Wong 

The Basics: Andrea Wong is the president of international production for Sony Pictures Television (SPT) and the president of international for Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE).  In her SPT position, Wong heads the studio’s international television production business, overseeing the creative teams outside the U.S. as well as the eighteen owned and joint venture international production companies around the world. As the head of Lifetime, she oversaw Army Wives becoming a hit show and also facilitated the acquisition of Project Runway to the network.  Both shows remain the network’s highest rated programs.

Why I Chose Them:  Achievement is such a powerful way to blaze trails and create opportunities for your community.  I think for any marginalized group, it is understood that you have to work twice as hard to get half as much.  But there is something to be said for still pursuing positions of power anyway.  Because it is from these positions that change can be made.  Simply be existing in such a position of power, you are inspiring and altering the landscape.  As always, that’s important.


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