AAPI Month Profiles: Day Three


Jim Lee

The Basics: One of the most influential comic book artists of the 90s, Lee was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in St. Louis.  He was part of a revolution that led to the formation of Image Comics and moved the comic book industry from being writer focused to artist focused. He was the artist on the best-selling comic book of all time when he did the pencils for X-Men #1 in 1991.  He created his own studio called Wildstorm Productions which eventually caught the eye of DC and those characters were assimilated into the DC Universe.   In 2010, he was announced as the new co-publisher of DC Comics.

Why I Chose Them:  Anyway who knows me, knows I love comics.  Lee was one of those artists I grew up with during the 90s and his work definitely had an influence on how I viewed comic book characters aesthetically.  But what impresses me about him is his acumen as a businessman.  Of all the Image founders, he is the one that has arguably had the most success and longest lasting impact.  You must be doing something right when your production company produces works that the Big Two (Marvel and DC) want to collaborate with and eventually absorb.


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