AAPI Month Profiles: Day Two

BD Wong Picture

B.D. Wong

The Basics: A native of San Francisco, B.D. Wong discovered his love of acting in high school.  He is a Tony Award winning actor that most of us probably know from this extensive time on the hit TV show, Law and Order: SVU.  For those of us with longer memories, he was the priest on the prison drama Oz.  But he actually has a long list of accomplishments that include a number of plays on Broadway and voice over work.  Who loves Mulan?  Well, he was the voice of Captain Shang, our dear Mulan’s love interest.  As a member of the LGBT community, he donates a lot of his time and money into charities benefitting that group.

Why I Chose Them:  Representation is important and even though Wong’s characters haven’t always moved past a lot of Asian American stereotypes, he is such a good actor that he can give the characters he plays nuance despite it.   He is a well-known face and while not necessarily considered “A-List” he’s out there and doing work.  And one can hope that his longevity in the business can translate into opening more doors for other Asian actresses and actors.


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