Black Witches – The Pilot

Black Witch Chronicles- The Pilot

What guided me to finding this on Youtube?  Well, I think it was more that it came to me.  A writing associate of mines posted the link up in a writing group that I’m a part of.  I found it interesting, but I wasn’t immediately ready to watch it.  Then the Bruce Jenner interview came on and I saw some horrible, prejudicial, and outright hateful comments about the man coming from members of the black, straight and mostly Christian community.  It filled me with a lot of anger and major disappointment.  I needed a reason to feel good about the black community again after seeing some of that stomach churning stuff.  So I decided that the sisters in this video looked like they might be some free thinkers like myself.  And man….hope restored.

I’ll be honest and upfront.  The video quality on this isn’t great as it’s basically a recorded Google Hangouts conversation.  But if you can get past that then you’ll find that the genuine, compassionate natures of the two women here are just so heart filling.   They are active parts of their community and don’t sit behind a computer using it for hate.  Theirs is a message of love, support, and preparedness.  Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about these areas of spirituality so my knowledge base is a bit lacking when they talk about certain terms like mercury retrograde etc.  But that’s part of the fun of this for me.  I’m writing down the things I don’t know and I’m looking them up.   Increasing my knowledge base is something I never, ever shy away from.   I find the most compassionate human beings are often the ones who take understanding the thoughts of others seriously and these two women fit the bill.

Even if you’re not necessarily into their spiritual practices, there are some great feminist points brought up during this discussion.  They talk about women reclaiming their bodies for themselves and to stop allowing their bodies to be treated as commodities.  One of the ladies who works at a health center talked about how so many of her female clients have never even looked at their vagina and don’t even want to.  Yet, they can freely give up this part of themselves to someone else.  It struck me that women have been mentally and psychologically assaulted in that way about their genitals.  Because you certainly do not see that kind of behavior amongst men typically.

I really enjoyed their discussions on support in the community, how the African ancestral communities didn’t necessarily operate off monetary systems and how women need to go about staking claims on their bodies again.  They were so genuine and truthful about the subject, I found myself smiling and not even realizing it.  There is definitely something to latch on to here.  I loved it and will be watching more.


2 thoughts on “Black Witches – The Pilot

    1. Hello Dr. G. Love! Glad you enjoyed the write up. My plan is to go through the whole series and give some thoughts/feelings as I go along. Just judging by the first episode, I expect to learn alot and have some things to reflect on.


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