Black History Profiles: Day Twenty-Six Double Feature

Name: M.K. Asante

Basics:  One more native of Philly to add to my Black History Month list.  This writer started honing his craft and pursuing it as a career at the age of 16.  The author of four books, his most memorable is his memoir Buck.  But he doesn’t just write.  He’s a filmmaker, rapper and a college professor.  If nothing else, he is to be respected because he had the great Maya Angelou as a mentor.  He is currently a professor at Morgan State University and received tenure there at the age of 26.

Why I Chose Him: Well, my friend suggested to me that I do a profile on this guy.  So there’s that.  But reading his story made me want to anyway.  He’s young and he’s powerful.  We need these visionaries.  We need everyone to do their part and no I don’t expect you to cover as many fields as he did.  But recognize that even your small trickle into the collective bucket helps to fill it. If you’re a writer then write damn it.   If you’re a musician then play music.  If you’re a speaker then get out there and start talking.  We don’t have to agree on everything, but we must agree to all do what we feel is best in our hearts to help our community.


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