Black History Profiles: Day 21

Name: Janet Hubert

Basics: A Chicago native, Janet studied at the Julliard School of New York City.  She had a stage career before transitioning to TV and into the role we all know and love her for as the first Aunt Vivian on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.  She captured our hearts with her commanding presence on the screen and more than any other character on the show she easily walked the road between the classes.  Her character maintained upper class charm while never forgetting where she came from.  Unfortunately, she found herself dismissed from the show due to contractual reasons and has since had a controversial relationship with Will Smith.

Why I Chose Her: I chose her because she’s a part of many childhoods and she’s the Vivian we all think of as “the real Vivian”.  She brought spunk and class to that character.  And I think her portrayal of that character is important for the black community.  We can achieve economic status without forgetting our roots.  Being smart, classy, and wealthy are not things we should demonize as if someone having those things means forgetting some part of yourself.  It doesn’t.  They can all coexist and until we get back to a mentality where success isn’t demonized we’re not going to get anywhere.


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