Black History Profiles: Day Eighteen

Name: Nat Turner

Basics: Like so many slaves in his time, Nat simply couldn’t endure the system of injustice set up in America.  He believed that God wanted him to lead slaves from bondage and he led a violent insurrection in Virginia.  His rebellion resulted in the deaths of about 55 white people. The rebellion didn’t bring about the freedom he sought and ultimately, Turner was hung for his actions.  It is said his rebellion resulted in harsher laws against slaves in the region.

Why I Chose Him: Nat Turner is considered a controversial figure by some because of the violence he employed and because among his victims were women and children.  To that I say a hearty and unapologetic…so what?  America has millions of African lives on their hands and because a man kills less than a hundred it’s suddenly his fault things got worse for slaves in the South?  Please miss me with that nonsense.  This again is why we must control our own narrative.  There is a reason that white America embraces the non-violent black man.  This black man does not scare them with the legitimate weight of their history.  The militant black man is a threat because he just might bring their chickens home to roost.


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