Black History Profiles: Day Fifteen

Name: Tupac Shakur

Basics: Arguably, the most influential rapper in all of hip-hop.  Tupac was unabashed in his opinions and advocating for the betterment of his people.  The son of two Black Panthers, Tupac received an education on pro-black philosophies from his Mother.  Tupac debuted as a solo artist in 1991 and quickly became a sensation.  His success did not come without its many controversies and those controversies eventually contributed to his unfortunate death in 1996.

Why I Chose Them: I think this man has become so diluted in our modern day.  But doesn’t that seem to happen all the time with our black leaders?  White America breaks our leaders and outspoken figures into something that is easier for them to digest.  We see MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech but we never hear his speech tearing down entitlements.  Tupac is easier to digest as just some generic rapper than the actual political figure he really was.  The entirety of Tupac is too complex for today’s world of sound bites to digest.


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