Black History Profiles: Day Thirteen

Name: Pope Victor I

Basics: He was a pope during the second century and came from the Roman province of Africa.  He held this office somewhere between nine and ten years.  The historical record isn’t exactly precise on the length of his term.  It is said he excommunicated a high official of Byzantium from the Church for believing that Christ was a mere man.  Also to his record, is settling a debate between the Eastern and Western Romans about when to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

Why I Chose Him:  Here’s a bit of an oddball choice as it’s not technically the kind of fit you would think of in terms of Black History.  But this was the highest religious figure for a time in what was pretty much considered the premiere world power at the time.  I think that says a lot about our role in the history of the world.  That’s why I chose him because I wish more young people could understand just how involved we have been in the history of the world.  Our history just didn’t begin with the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.


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