Black History Profiles: Day Nine

Name: Maynard Jackson

Basics: As a young man, Maynard Jackson graduated from Morehouse College at the age of 18.  He was the first African-American to serve as mayor of a major Southern city (Atlanta).  It is because of policies instituted by Jackson that city business going to minority firms rose dramatically.  Those actions took city contracts by minority firms from 1% to 35%.  His crowning achievement was the expansion of the Hartsfield Airport, an expansion that was so successful the name was changed to Hartsfield-Jackson.  True to form, he made sure minority involvement was a key part of the expansion’s success.

Why I Chose Him:  Cooperative economics.  No, this isn’t a clear and cut example of that but Mayor Jackson used his position to look out for his brother and sister.  We all have to be willing to do that.  The statistics speak for themselves.  The Asian dollar stays in the Asian community for 19 days.  It stays in the Hispanic community for 7 days.  It stays in the black community for 6 hours.  Let that sink in people.  Six hours.  We have got to do better about going to each other first for our goods and services.  We have to be mindful with our dollar and build each other up.


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