Chapter Blows: IMMORTAL by Valjeanne Jeffers (Chapter Six)

Chapter Six

So in the previous chapter we got hints of what was going on.  This is the chapter where it all comes to light about what Opal is and why she’s looking out for Joseph and Karla.  We also learn exactly what Tehotep is and the destruction he could bring to the practical utopia that is New World.  I enjoyed learning as much as I did in this chapter and it’s always good when the world starts to solidify for you as a reader.

I had almost forgot about some of the elements of eroticism in this story until I got to the Joseph and Karla love scene.  And don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing I forgot.  Yes, you always want to be cognizant of what type of story you’re reading but at the end of the day you just want the story to be good.  And Valjeanne has accomplished that here.   Admittedly, the love scene was a bit typical of what I’ve seen in erotic fiction, but it served its purpose.  What I found to be tenderer and more romantic though was the conversation between the two.  The subtle gestures of Karla rubbing his hand and the innocent hope of Joseph.  That was what really struck me as the romance.

Though my biggest question plot wise is why the heck would Opal let these two out of her sight at all?  Them leaving Karla’s flat to go on a date just screamed crazy to me as I was reading it and I couldn’t help to think why the heck Opal didn’t put a stop to that before it even happened?  It just seems to me she would want them in a place where they would have the most protection considering the increasing frequency of the attacks against them.  That was the only thing that kind of threw me off some as I read this chapter.


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