Chapter Blows: IMMORTAL by Valjeanne Jeffers (Chapter Four)

Chapter Four

Ok so now I am definitely invested in the story.  It feels like the pieces are starting to fall into place.  The Joseph/Karla relationship is a bit on the sappy side at the moment, but this is an erotic tale so there are certain conventions to the genre.   I did wonder why Joseph would be walking around with a knife and axe considering that Topaz is a city pretty much not use to dealing with any kind of violence.  I wouldn’t imagine the citizens would be too easy with him walking around with that kind of weaponry.  Other than that, I enjoyed his introduction and I’m beginning to see how he’s the ying to Tehotep’s yang.  It is an interesting exploration of the things that drive us to desire.   Karla wants both men but for entirely different reasons.

The flashback done in this chapter was processed so much more smoothly than all of the previous ones.  It didn’t feel jarring at all and flowed right along with the story.  My reader’s mind didn’t miss a beat and I was entirely in the world as Karla took on her past life as Desdemona.  I loved the little scenery details that were put into this flashback.  I really felt like I was in a Renaissance era city with all its debauchery and wigs.  A solid chapter that really helps to push the story forward.


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