Chapter Blows: IMMORTAL by Valjeanne Jeffers (Chapter Three)

Chapter Three

So I have to say that this is the best chapter so far in terms of structure.  It was very easy to get through and I really got enthralled in the writing.  I didn’t have to think my way around it like I did with the previous two chapters.  I think that’s because there weren’t any flashbacks in this chapter and everything was squarely in the present.  Tehotep becomes a much more convincing antagonist in this chapter.  At first, he seemed a bit like Dracula in terms of being mysterious, evil and handsome, but I think he’s starting to grow out of that archetype and becoming his own characters.

One aspect that I have definitely enjoyed about this story so far is the take on drug abuse and how to deal with drug addicts.  It comes across as very realistic and almost makes me wonder how much research was done into how other countries in the world handle their drug addictions.  Because the approach we’re seeing in this novel is certainly not born from an American perspective.  There’s too much compassion and acceptance involved.  In fact, this chapter almost makes me long for similar ideas to be implemented into American society.


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