Chapter Blows: IMMORTAL by Valjeanne Jeffers (Chapter One)

Preface:  I like to do these chapter by chapter examination of books sometimes.  I think they can allow you to dissect a story in different ways versus when you view it as a whole.  Viewing a book as a whole is like looking at a car before you decide to buy it.  When you break down a book into its components that’s when that same buyer starts checking under the engine. 

Chapter One

A very solid opening chapter.  Opening chapters can be tricky because they are meant to sort of set the framework for the world you’re going to be delving into.  This chapter did a good job of balancing world information and character building.  Even though this is set in the future, not a lot of time was spent on over-explaining technology and history.  We learn just enough about the world to get the sense of what we’re operating in here.

So far I have to say that I am intrigued by the main character of Karla.  This chapter does a very good job of giving us positive and negative characteristics of her.  She’s a great friend, but seems to live a bit of a lonely life.  We learn that she has a bit of a seedy past, but it definitely helps make her a well-rounded figure.  The former drug addict working as a drug counselor is a bit cliché, but I’m willing to follow it.  All of the other work done in this chapter has me buying into the story and that’s what is most important.


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