Black History Profiles: Day Two

Name: Jimmy Preston

Basics: Another Pennsylvania native who is one of the founding fathers of rock n’ roll.  He was a bandleader with a number hits in the late 40s and early 50s.  Some of his popular songs include; “Huckleberry Daddy”, “Rock the Joint”, “Early Morning Blues” and “Hayride”.  The majority of his work was done under Gotham Records.  Jimmy stopped making music in 1952, never even knowing that he would be called one of the founders of rock n’ roll.

Why I Chose Him:  Two words.  Cultural Appropriation.  It has always been a part of black history that our culture is taken from us, reprocessed and then appropriated without credit by other cultures.  I wonder just how many white kids partying out to rock know about Jimmy Preston or would even believe that a black person helped found the genre.  I wonder how many black kids would believe that.  The genre has been thoroughly and completely taken away from black culture to the point where we don’t even know we helped to make it in the first place.  In the words of J. Cole; “look around…white people have snatched the sound”.  We have to do better about keeping our kids and ourselves informed about our many achievements.


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